Maíra das Neves is an artist of the cognitariat. Her artwork approaches different notions and politics of timespace, while she also trains bots and cleans timelines. Seeing language as a battlefield, her practice includes transcosmological translation, historical fictions, and narrative technologies. She works with varied media, from watercolor and collage to installation and video.

She attended MACBA’s PEI – Independent Studies Program, she holds a master’s degree in Literature (PUC-Rio), and a License in Visual Arts (FAAP). She presented solo shows at Portas Vilaseca Galeria, Espaço Sergio Porto, and Centro Cultural São Paulo; and participated in several group shows with institutions like MACBA, Urbane Künste Ruhr, Casa França-Brasil, Sesc Consolação, MAM-Rio, among others.  Some of the art residencies she participated in are: Lastro Centro-América - Antigua Guatemala, Z/KU – Berlin, and CAPACETE - Rio de Janeiro.

Among her published essays are: En Verdad Fue Terrible (No-Libros, Barcelona, 2019), Praça Uruçu-Paris-Mirim (Arte & Ensaios, Rio de Janeiro, 2018), Que hoje é aqui? (Estação Lastro, São Paulo, 2017). When living in Rio she had the artist-run space Ateliê 1m2, where she organized and hosted open presentations and experiments of many fellow artists. As a founding member of the Agência Transitiva, she experimented with different modes for financial support, collective writing, and translation, within an adhesive transversal network. She was part of the first CO-rpus research group of La Escocesa in Barcelona, with which she keeps an ongoing affiliation. Today she holds a studio at Tangent Projects in Hospitalet de Llobregat.